MEMS Sensor Testing

High performance test handler for mass production

Pressure Sensors
MEMS pressure sensor testing
From barometers to TPMS, our pressure test chamber supports a wide pressure range and is capable of high precision test.
Acoustic Sensors
High performance acoustic sensor testing
We have experience of testing one of the most advanced MEMS microphones. With an efficient noise isolation chamber, our system is capable of testing high SNR microphones.
Inertial Sensors
MEMS Accelerometer and Gyroscope testing
Our inertial stimulus design is designed for mass production with high efficiency, stability, and reliability.

Test Solutions

  • Pick & Place
    Logic test handlers

    Pick and place handlers are designed for tray carriers. It supports both cable and direct tester mounting. With its high efficiency and affordability, it is the best choice for customers.

  • Gravity
    Gravity handlers

    Gravity test handlers are designed for scenarios where DUT carriers are tubes. With support for a wide range of device packages, our solutions are suitable for most test cases.

  • MEMS
    MEMS sensor testing

    Chip Right offers turnkey solutions for MEMS sensor testing. Our experts who have been working in this area for many years are willing to help you build tailor-made test solutions.

  • SLT & Others
    System level testing and other test handlers

    System level test handlers are designed with large test areas which would fit in the entire module. It is suitable for module testing, CIS testing, CPU testing, etc. We also offer memory module test handlers as well as many other test handlers.

About us

For more than two decades, Chip Right has carved a niche for itself in the automated testing solution sector, catering to over 50 testing facilities predominantly in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Our reputation for excellence is well-known in the industry, underscored by our innovative approach to system design and development. Our products stand out in the market for their competitive edge and have garnered widespread recognition within the community.

At Chip Right, our specialty lies in delivering cutting-edge automated semiconductor testing solutions, coupled with unparalleled efficiency and service to our clients. We stay abreast of industry trends, ensuring we provide timely, expert knowledge and high-quality solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

With a legacy spanning two decades, our expertise in semiconductor test equipment has evolved from focusing on traditional systems such as Pick & Place, Gravity, and SLT handlers to now prioritizing MEMS technology. This strategic shift has positioned us among the select few in Asia capable of supplying state-of-the-art instruments in this domain.

Our commitment is to propel your operations into the era of the fourth industrial revolution by enhancing our offerings with automation, smart technologies, and data analytics. From fundamental equipment automation to sophisticated data gathering, we are not only equipped but also confident in our ability to fulfill your diverse requirements with excellence.

with Chip Right

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