Chip Right established

Chip Right was formally established with members of 5 and began production of Lead scanner and Lead reformer.

Moved to Hsinchu

Chip Right moved to Hsin-Chu Chung Hua Rd with members of 8. Started to research and develop test handler.

Debut of high temp. gravity handler.

The first Single Site Gravity Handler With Heat was completed.

Enter Mainland China

As business grows, our gravity handlers successfully enter mainland China.

First Module Test Handler

We completed our first module test handler development. The new products are suitable for system level testing and would satisfy many of our customers.

Entered Singapore

Successfully expanded our business to Singapore.

First MEMS accelerometer sensor test handler

After a long development process and put in tremendous efforts, we completed our very first MEMS accelerometer sensor test handler design.

Relocated to Zhubei

In response to the company’s expansion, the company made an investment in our own plant which is about 550 square feet in Zhubei City. square feet. The new home of the company would fit in thirty members and many to come.

Completed MEMS gyroscope sensor test handler

After more than two years of development, we made a further step in MEMS sensor testing in terms of completing our MEMS gyroscope sensor test handler.